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I’d love to see him with his hair like most of the girls nowadays

8 de abril de 2022 ia USA review

I’d love to see him with his hair like most of the girls nowadays

As they Betsy drove her car she looked over at Beth

“Beth, do you want a spanking before we leave? It’ll spoil what is going to be a wonderful day for you. Now come along or we’ll be late.”

Eddie didn’t know what to do. Becoming a girl?! That was crazy! He liked being a boy. And most of the time he didn’t do anything bad. Why did she want to make him become a girl? But he had bad memories of a couple of earlier spankings.

“Don’t look so worried Beth,” she said. “You’ll love wearing petticoats after a while. They’re so nice and girly. Mommy knows what’s best for you.”

It didn’t take long for them to get to FRANCINE’S, a beauty parlor. Betsy parked the car and when they got out she took his hand again. Francine saw them coming in and smiled at Betsy. She had told Francine her plans concerning Beth over the phone earlier. Betsy marched Beth down to where Francine was waiting for them. Several ladies were sitting under dryers.

And after he’s been under a dryer for a while, we can see what we can do about a pretty style for him

“Well! Is this the nice boy that’s going to become your little girl?” asked Francine. “He’s so cute I know he’ll make a very pretty little girl once I finish with his hair and put some makeup on him. I hope you bring him back after you put him in a pretty dress so I can see him again.”

“Thank you Francine for fitting him in early today,” said Betsy. “Afterwards, I’m taking him shopping for his new clothes. I can hardly wait to put him in petticoats and dresses! Of course dressing him nice and pretty is only the first step. He’ll have to learn how to behave like a nice girl, too. By the way, his name is Beth now.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll be a good girl once he sees how nice it is,” said Francine. “Now let’s get him into the chair and see what we can do with his hair. Perhaps you’d like to paint his nails while he’s under the dryer. But that will have to wait till I’ve dyed it the same blond shade as your own. That is what you want, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” replied Betsy. “I didn’t let him get a haircut since last September. I’ve been planning this for quite a while. Do you think you might be able to https://hookupdate.net/sugar-daddies-usa/ia/ put it into a ponytail and bangs? ”

“I think we can do that,” said Francine. She picked up a card with three different colored pairs of plastic barrettes on it that she sold. “These and a few hair pins Will help to keep any short hair in place.”

“Don’t be scared sweetheart,” she said. “You’ll look nice and pretty when we finish.” That was exactly what he was afraid of ! She began to comb his hair back to see just how long it was. Soon she stripped his hair of its brown color and then dyed it as he sat with his head over a sink. Afterwards he sat under a dryer for a while, and Betsy painted his nails a pink color that would look nice with his blond hair. Then he got back into a styling chair again. Francine worked quickly and skillfully, and soon his hair was tied up in a five inch ponytail with a pretty pink ribbon bow. Cute bangs hung down almost to his eyebrows that Francine judiciously plucked and drew with an eyebrow pencil. Taking a mascara tube from her own pocketbook, she lengthened and thickened his lashes. Next came some blush for his cheeks, and then she showed him how to roll his lips together to coat them evenly with a pink lipstick. Finally she was done and swung Beth’s chair around so he could see himself.

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